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Your Hero's Journey
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Yes to sharing this with you here:
I scream with arms raised to the sky “I am calling you! Show me! Release me! Undo all of me! I am ready, I am ready, I am tired, I am so tired, I am willing, please! please HEAR ME!! There I stood in the pouring rain at my Akasha Bali House nestled in the […]
Yay to another video about this Brave New Life in Syntropy! This mindsong sharing is about Human Symbiosys: Mimicking Nature through Syntropic Agroforestry here are the detailsHuman Symbiosys: Mimicking Nature through Syntropic Agroforestry


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Sharing Feelings
Your Hero's Journey
All Is One/AIO
Writer, artist, quantum manifester and sound healer, transmitter of Ma'at traditions
Part of my hero's journey is to remain unruffled when this happens, and go around, and keep on moving forward... I wrote them a really sarcastic letter in response and tried to upload it again, adding BANNED to the title just to fekk with the algorithms...didn't even get to full upload before it was removed again. I guess it still only counts as one strike.
But, as with FB, this is the death knell for my YT channel and I don't feel like dealing with this evil fekkage so... I'm over on Bitchute and brighteon.

Whack-a-mole! lol
Sharing Feelings
Your Hero's Journey
Bob Eden
The Spiritual Mechanic
"Rite of Passage". It was about 8 years ago, about 7:30 at night. I was on my boat Fidelio with Barnaby in Pioneer Bay. It was a lovely still evening and a full moon was rising, and the earth was still. I was sitting on my bunk, typing on Facebook (Barnaby's Facebook page) when all of a sudden the lights went dim and I could not breathe. I looked across at the voltmeter 12.8 volts, so no problems there. Then I noticed, just at the edge of my vision, on the left hand side, a black, wispy ethereal presence. I said to myself "Hello old friend" for I had seen it before, I thought it was the grim reaper come to get me and that it was all over red rover! I Still couldn't breathe, there was no pain and time seemed to be standing still. So I typed into facebook "If I do not post anything else in the next 30 minutes could someone please call marine rescue and come and get Barnaby" I did not panic, but just checked in with me, then I stood up, went up on deck and naked I jumped into the sea. Pioneer bay is surrounded by mangrove trees, where crocodiles live, it was dark and that is when sharks and croc's feed. I lay on my back and spread out like a big starfish and was looking up at the sky. I could see two full moons, and then, all of a... (More)