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2020-2021 The Great Turning
2020-2021 The Great Turning

Drop your  links, thoughts, feelings of inspiration here to can elevate, comfort and support others in navigating these times so they too cultivate mindgardens of abundance, grace and in syntropy with Life!

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Inquisitor not seeking a podium.
Sharing my mental maelstrom: releasing the dreamspell of Social Justice/Critical Theory continues to be my mental Waterloo. An evil Indigo Girls line has been and continues to cycle in my brain ("the less I seek my source for some definitive, the closer I am to fine"). This letting go is a deeper alchemy than I imagined. I found the following wee clip insightful. I feel fresh waves of naivete coming at me constantly. Do others relate to this aspect of these times? Earth Heros TV is jammed full of excellent tools to ease this birthing, its a great resource for me. I'm curious about other's experiences. cheerz.
Bella Donna
Holistic Healthcare Facilitator, Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Apitherapist, Beekeeper, and GeEk
Speaking of gardens, can I encourage anyone working on a spring garden in their head to start considering plants for the bees? I personally won't plant anything anymore unless it can feed both my bees and also me. My own soil, time, energy, and space necessitates this sustainable management practice.
Corrie Allan
Writer, Dancer, Artist, Musician, Lover of Nature
Todd Medina speaks to Franco DeNicola on SOULSPEAKS 5D

I love it when these two talk. There is so much packed into this episode, I couldn't possibly break it down. You know the info is absorbed but you can't quite articulate it ;-)

The episode that Todd mentions, that Franco created as part of the Advancing Consciousness Series, called "What Dimensional Plane Are You Playing In?" you can find here:
Johanna Macy?