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Cannabis and natural healing
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For anyone in the US interested in getting medical grade delivered right to your door, it's also easy to get a dr.s script. If you decide to join, and you are asked who your sponsor is, that would be me: JP Bumby. check out this site:


It is difficult not to notice that society is rapidly moving toward a global, cashless, digital fiat currency (no longer backed by a gold standard), in which all of our transactions are tracked, monitored, and easily controlled. It is truly ironic that money was originally printed on hemp paper. We are already feeling the horror of unprecedented levels of unemployment and the sting of the imminent collapse of the small business industry sector - directly caused by the ongoing lockdown imposed globally via the United Nations through the World Health Organisation.

As we fall further and further under the draconian controls and restrictions of bank policy and legislation, and the impact thereof, we seem to have no choice in the matter, and feel powerless to do anything about it. Further, the threat of forced experimental vaccinations, untested internal digital health passports, and the imposition of social credit behaviour control systems, simply to be able to exist in this world, loom ominously before us.

Under the guise of “convenience”, “security” and a “return to normalcy,” these track and trace mechanisms of social control, whether being technologically implemented via apps, or injected directly into or tattooed onto our bodies, will make us ever more economically, physically and socially vulnerable and dependent. It is wise to stop for a moment and consider other, more tangible options.

One of these, in my experience, is Cannabis sativa L.

Now that may sound like a rather way out statement, and yet consider the... (More)