beloved brothers and sisters,

let us come together

in unified intention —

as one Body

one Breath

one Heart

one Mind

one Essence

one Light

one Love

one Truth —

in cleansing, purifying and transmuting

all incoherent, dissonant, disharmonious

forces, influences, archetypes, and narratives —




Let us, together, generate a unified field of conscious coherence —

manifesting and embodying

a positive, healthy experience of Life on this planet —

a world of creative, restorative beauty

unity, balance, harmony,

equity, justice, truth,

joy, prosperity and abundance

for all manifestations of Life —

all our brothers and sisters —





There are many ways, many of which no doubt you are already quite adept.

But perhaps one very simple, practical step we can all take is to make a conscious, intentional choice, every day, to no longer feed the matrix of illusion —

no longer empower the false reality —

the false narrative —

by parroting the mainstream narrative

*(which is curated to evoke fear, anxiety, anger, melancholy, depression, despair and despondency).*

Thus whenever we come across another seemingly negative, pessimistic, disturbing, even frightening news release, announcement, proclamation, edict, or offer to contract (i.e. “a mandate”)

from paper tigers posing as “leaders,”

simply observe it —

witness it —

but do not become entangled with it —

do not align with it,

or agree with it —

by blithely accepting it as fact or truth.

Do not ruminate on it

or continuously repeat it

as if it were fact or truth.

For by accepting it, repeating it and ruminating on it —

ceaselessly agitating, inciting and confusing the heart-mind,

we conspire to our own enslavement —

becoming further enmeshed

in the labyrinthine mainframe

of the false reality —

the false matrix —

the matrical web

of fear and illusion —

which is quickly evanescing —



Rather, take refuge in the centre of your Be-ing —

that safe haven of deep abiding stillness and peace —

at the eye of the hurricane —

from where you can watch the wild, whirling tempest of typhonic forces  —

the turbulence and fomentation  —

arising and abating

from moment to moment

like clouds in the sky —

like waves upon the ocean —

as we are purified in the alchemical crucible

of metamorphic transmutation —

holding fast to your Inner Vision —





Cultivate your Inner Vision using whatever inspiring, encouraging and uplifting practices, skills, methods and techniques you have learned along the Way —

in your experience of Life.

In doing so, we cooperate syntropically together in accelerating the earthing —

the manifestation —



Love —

our True Nature —

co-creating a world of creative, restorative beauty,

unity, balance, harmony,

equity, justice, truth,

joy, prosperity and abundance

for all manifestations of Life —

all our brothers and sisters —

all our relations —

in the power of our loving present-moment-awareness,

the cultivation of our own inner vision,

and the power of our conscious intention to choose —

to manifest our True Heart’s Desire

in our thoughts, emotions, words and actions —

cleansing, purifying and transmuting the suffering —

the fear and aversion, craving, clinging, attachment, addiction, inner conflict, unreconciled emotions, and the acquired, conditioned, programmed patterns of consciousness that obfuscate, distort and corrupt our experience of True Life.

As the the 13th century Sufi poet, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī once admonished,

*“Do not haunt the path upon which fear coerces and compels you to go.”*

Rather let us choose






May your every breath be light, love and truth.

Not two.