The video “Money and Murder in Hospitals” show how whistleblowers tell about the hospitals receiving large sums of money for the COVID protocols which kills patients. . This video seems to be a good beginning to shock people into waking up to the dangerous COVID lies and deadly COVID tyranny and help people be more likely to fight deadly scams by world powers and government. The other videoes on this page can also help wake up and educate people on the COVID lies and tyranny. It can also be helpful for people to see this video interview of a virologist who proves the COVID virus never existed and explaining what is going on and what has made people sick. This is the original version of the video and this is a summary version of the video . People need to be exposed to the criminal evidence COVID files filed by police officer ( ) which show through freedom of information requests that the COVID virus has never been isolated and proven to exist. The videoes and information needs to be shared with church congregations and groups and people in society. It might be necessary to try to work with copyright law (or even get permission or find the right outlets for saving videoes) to save these videoes in case the internet and electric power grid goes out. We need to find ways that use noncharging batteries, transcript, or other methods to save this emergency information in files and video to inform the public. We need to work towards it being a major movement in churches, groups in society, and in the world to share truth information about world tyranny like I have mentioned and other helpful information in a manner that will wake people up to the truth. We need to all spread the information I have shared here and about world tyranny in our communities, countries, and world wide. We need to pray and fast for speedy success in spreading the message and people waking up. We need to pray to block the devil in hindering the speedy spreading and acceptance of truth. We need to ask God to purify us and make us so that we can be used. We need to pray for guidance.