The Eternal Way is not complicated

nor is it difficult to comprehend

Yet those addicted to power, prestige, position, privilege and wealth —

in the fatuity of the forgetfulness of their True Nature —

are easily led astray

It is not difficult to see


Governments mired in a game of thrones

courts mired in corruption and bureaucracy

big business mired in greed and exploitation

while the people suffer

treated like straw dogs —

burdened by overwork and debt

burdened by poverty and hunger

burdened by helplessness and desperation

burdened by injustice and inequity —

while the oligarchy —

the self-proclaimed "aristocracy" —

those who desperately cling to power, prestige, position, wealth and control

flaunt their privilege —

living in irresponsible extravagance and indulgence —

lavishing their bellies with sumptuous food and drink

lavishing theirs closets with over-priced, designer clothing

lavishing their homes with ostentatious opulence

lavishing their driveways with costly, self-indulgent trinkets and toys

lavishing their mantles with degrees, trophies, prizes, awards and accolades 

temporal, fleeting reminders of apparent “success”

But this is not the Way of Nature


It is the way of fear

it is the way of aversion

it is the way of craving

it is the way of addiction

It is the way of illusion —

it is the way of pathological madness —

a delusion of








— an adaptation of a teaching as recorded in the Writings on the Nature of the Way (The Way of Nature) (Dào Dé Jīng 道德經), chapter 53, attributed to the 6th century BCE philosopher, poet, teacher and archivist, Lǎozǐ

May your every breath be peace, light and love.

Not two