ok,Today a decision was made. Next Wednesday, April 7, I'm going to be starting a new adventure, leaving my comfy digs for the past 5 years, and putting a mattress in my van, a few suitcases, my computer and golf clubs, and my angelic companion Lady, a 10 year old Chihuahua. Trouble is, I don't know where I'm going! I have absolutely no direction so I'm feelin into putting out feelers for other BNL members who have the capacity and stable ground to be a host for folks like me in transition, sort of a destination stay-over or meet up, for the directionless. I just feel like I'm done trying to fit in with the mind control masses, let them go their way, but I want to be with people whom I can be authentically me with them, ...like all of you. Maybe even create a circle for transition locations where seekers and hosts can find each other easily.

This is my Brave New Life, and this is extreme, but I'm really excited and feel so light having decided that I will leave with what I stated above, and with only a little hesitation on some things, I am walking away from the rest. Totally detaching from the material 'preciousness of things'. I have already done nearly the same, but not this extreme. No fuss, no muss for me, and my 40 year old friend feels like he won a decorator's sweepstakes but he's the one who has to do the heavy lifting and going through. And I'm not even going to be there for the clearing out, he'll do it after I leave. It's very liberating. Really taking the stress out of the equation.