New Earth
Day773- Humanitarian project
In my discussion yesterday with Shay Douglas and Darren Bartsch looking at new ways of regenerative leadership and humanitarian projects, it came to me that the most urgent and relevant of these projects is ourselves. We have been programmed to always look outside to give to others over and above ourselves. We have become great givers to others but mostly very poor receivers causing an imbalance in the natural law of cause and effect. I hear so often from people that they feel lost or are burned out and have no more to give, both signs of sending out energy without replenishing it. They have forgotten to regenerate themselves. This awareness is being called to our attention to make sure that our activities, our work, our thoughts are having a regenerative effect on our cells rather than depleting our energy and is essential right now. The corporate world we have been ruled by is built on a degenerative foundation, taking without restoring, causing our current crisis. The planet has no more to give, humanity has no more to give as it has been driven to its knees, there is only one way to go and as the pendulum begins to swing back, we are reclaiming our strength and our awareness of restoring the balance. First within ourselves and as a natural radiation begin to affect everything around us. The more of me there is, the more there is to give. Make you your most urgent humanitarian project today and then pass it forward. Regenerate yourself. Namaste <3 <3