New Earth
Day 932 – Live your life with conscious intent.
What is my intention for writing this post? To be of service in some small way to raise the collective and planetary energy into a more peaceful loving world. What is my intention for stroking my cat’s fur? To give love and experience the soothing calm that it offers both of us. What is the intention for washing the dishes? To keep order and cleanliness in my environment and maintain health. Many years ago, I made the awareness that most of my days were occupied with thoughts and actions that were either habitual or in the have to category and almost nothing was as a result of conscious intention for the impact it had on me, on my life, on the people around me, on my health and mostly on my soul purpose for being here. I began to ask the question. Why am I doing this, why am I saying this, why am I believing this, why am I thinking this? That was the day I accepted full accountability for impact on my life and the day I put intention into every thought, every word, every belief, every relationship, I began to live my life with conscious intention in every way. A life changing choice as it put me in control of my life, eliminating fear and doubt due to my first intention being to surrender to my soul’s purpose for this incarnation at his time of transformation. My daily intentions are, to follow soul guidance without hesitation, to be of service, to nurture, appreciate and love self, to live in a conscious state of love, joy, peace, harmony and gratitude for it all. Living life intentionally offers sovereignty. Namaste <3 <3