New Earth Day 931 - Frequencies. A word I use constantly and a word that is now commonly used by many, but do we really innerstand what it conveys? When I first learned the English language, frequency described the speed of things that were coming about. The way we are using it these days is how science describes the speed of the wave particle that is radiated by matter. As we are beginning to innerstand that everything is energy vibrating at different speeds allowing it to become what it has become, we are also learning that we within ourselves are energy in motion created by our thoughts, beliefs and actions. This transition we are all going through is asking us to look beyond the three-dimensional limited view of life, our planet and the galaxy. Earth is not a stationary object hanging still in a stationary universe. Earth rotates at 1000miles or 1600kms and hour on its axis this rate being higher at the equator and lower at the poles. Earth orbits around our sun at 67,000mph/107,200kms an hour. Our solar system orbits the centre of the Milky Way at 140miles/224kms per second. Personally, I am rather pleased that gravity is keeping my feet firmly on the ground 😊. I am not sharing this to confuse, but to bring an awareness to the importance of innerstanding that everything is energy in motion, nothing is constant, and all is creating fluctuations of vibrational frequencies. That levels of vibrational frequency we emanate from within ourselves according to our mindset at any given time affect us, to alert us all to the fact that healing occurs by altering our frequency and that sound and rays of certain frequencies are already being used and are the future of our healing industry. The more familiar we become with the vibrations of energy within us and around us, the more empowered we become and the sooner we lift ourselves and each other into a brighter world. The way we do that is by taking control over our thoughts, our words and our actions, elevating them to the frequency of love, peace and compassion. Namaste <3 <3