New Earth
Day 930 – End of division.
The New Earth I am being guided to is a place where there is no division, no right or wrong, no good or bad. There can be no politics or religion that divides in order to gain power. A place where to be different or to have a different point of view doesn’t make one right and the other wrong, it is seen as just another way to view things. There is a conscious awareness that this is a universe of cause and effect, and each will have that awareness with every choice and decision made. Everything is what it is according to the intent and energy radiated by the instigator of the situation. I have learned that every effect of my experience has a cause that was radiated by me, either in thought, belief, words or action. The more consciously aware I am of my own state of mind and heart and accept complete accountability for that, the more empowered I feel and the more aligned with soul I become. I know the intention of my soul purpose and direct my energy there as the cause allowing the effect to unfold before me through experiences and people of love, joy and abundant celebration for the gift of life at this time. The more New Earth Communities we initiate where all are welcome, all are respected and embraced with love, the sooner we will get to that illusive critical mass and the ripple effect will tip the scales away from the old into the light of the new. The vibration of the New Earth Community gatherings is off the scale and lifts the frequency for miles around. Let’s create these communities worldwide and spread our magical love based energy everywhere, ending division and bringing humanity together as one in peace, love and harmony. Namaste <3 <3