New Earth
Day 929 – Spiritual dedication.
What does it take to raise yourself out of fear, doubt, victim consciousness of a programmed subconscious mind into a soul connected consciousness of peace, love, faith and harmony? It takes dedicated consistent work. It takes a complete change of lifestyle from a conditioned survival focused agenda to a surrendered soul guided way of being. It is really innerstanding the phrase; ‘before enlightenment you chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment you chop wood and carry water’. What this says is that you will still do all the human things, but you’ll do them with a deeper connection, a deeper sense of meaning, a focused intent, you will live life as a conscious participant with all that is. So many speak about being spiritually aware and yet are still living in fear, in a state of suffering, struggle and judgment. We are not a body that has a soul, we are a soul that has a body. To live truly as a consciously aware, spiritually aware being takes commitment, dedication, discipline and determination. Every spiritual master or shaman has a consistent spiritual daily practice that connects them to the Source of life, offering themselves as a physical conduit for the purpose of their incarnation. This is what sustains us through the challenges of these days of transition, totally aware of the outer chaos but completely at peace with the ability to stay focused on a greater good, a deeper truth with compassion for all who are on this journey of remembering and reclaiming their authentic self. This journey is not for the faint of heart and takes work, dedicated intent and unwavering consistency. But the rewards are euphoric, so it is definitely worth it. Namaste <3 <3