New Earth
Day 928 - We radiate what we are not who we are.
The greatest distraction of all is our attachment to the self-identity of our physical persona, creating an energetic frequency aligned with the perception of what we are, what we do and what we want for the avatar of our personality to be happy and comfortable. This constant attention on the body and mind has kept us from the bliss of knowing and experiencing the authentic wholeness of who we are over and above the outer action figure we think we are. It is the reason it is so difficult to have our desires fulfilled because we radiate what we think we are as personalities rather then know who we are as divine expressions of Prime Creator. Unfortunately, we have been so deeply programmed and conditioned to think we are flawed, that the frequency we radiate is limited and our wishes hampered by a false belief of needing to deserve before we can receive. This is an electro-magnetic universe that returns to us not what we deserve or have earned the right to, but the equivalent of the vibrations we radiate as a dominant energetic force. As long as we keep believing we have to measure up to a false outer standard set by unseen authoritarian figures who have their own agendas of greed and power, we will continue to limit ourselves and have life experiences that keep us from knowing what is truly possible when we remember who we are. When we say yes to rules that do not feel good, say yes and compromise what our inner voice is telling us, we will continue to stay trapped on this merry go round of stress, pain and suffering, wishing and hoping something or someone out there will make it better for us. Now is the time to claim our divinity and except individual response ability and accountability as emissaries of the creative force that is the origin of all that is. Allow the light to flow through you for you. Become who you truly are not what you are. Namaste <3 <3