New Earth
Day 927 – Surround yourself with love.
Are you living in an environment that radiates love energy? This is one of the most urgent needs for these times to be able to absorb and maintain the fluctuating intensified energies that are bombarding the planet as she moves at great speed through the Galaxy and increasing rays from our central sun Alcion are lifting her to be the New Earth of our dreams. Find or create a place where love energy fills your every cell, a sanctuary of peace. It can be your entire home or a special corner in a room or a special room. Look at the people you interact with and make your relationships only communications built on the giving and receiving of unconditional love. This must begin with unconditional love for self as that is the one relationship that is constant with you twenty-four hours a day. Spend time in nature, immerse yourself in the beauty and joy it offers. Your environment and your relationships are a reflection of the level of love, peace and harmony you have presently in your life. Time to make whatever adjustments are needed both within and without. Begin each day in a state of gratitude, love and peace and end each day the same way. Love is the power, the gift and our salvation to evolve beyond the density, struggle and suffering of eons of enslavement, to the freedom as new humans, the whole and divine beings of a New Earth in a higher dimension we are becoming. Namaste <3 <3