New Earth
Day 925 – Practice being love.
We will continue to go through tumultuous changes in every aspect of the paradigm we have been in for thousands of years. To transition through these times, it is essential to gather with people where unconditional love is the foundation of communication. Be it with your biological family, your friendship family or your soul tribe as many are finding, this is the time to practice living your life in love. Take every opportunity to gather with others in peace, in harmony, in joyous collaboration, building the foundation of the New Earth for the birth of the new human in a new paradigm. The more time we spend with each other being the energetic vibration of love, the more we will be supported and will support as the world we knew fades and a new world emerges. The old ways are obsolete and can only recreate the old struggle and suffering that humanity has experienced far too long. We are being hurtled into higher vibrations that will reveal new ways, new inventions, new technologies, new healing and most importantly new ways of thinking about and perceiving the world we live in. Love is life and life is love, we are encouraged to gather in communities of love whenever and wherever the opportunity is offered. Gather, gather, gather in love, is today’s message from my council of twelve who are my guides and my Galactic soul family. Namaste <3 <3