New Earth
Day 923 – Calling in your guidance.
One thing that has kept me on track, focused, dedicated and filled with unwavering faith and perseverance, is the calling in of my guidance. Today I see a huge difference in the way I used to navigate my life as the personality self and how I am today as a whole being, body, mind and soul in unison, complete. That old life was hard work, constant striving and driving to achieve, to maintain, struggling, living in a state of wishing and hoping always looking to the outside for validation. That is how we are programmed and until the inner voice gets loud enough to hear and there comes a day that something within says that there is so much more, that it doesn’t have to be this way, it is still most people’s way of living this life. The day I surrendered to that inner calling was the moment everything changed. At first it was not easy and often confusing to know which voice was which. The ego chatterbox of self-judgment, doubt and fear was loud and persistent, while the inner voice of truth and love was subtle and fleeting. However, the more I listened to the inner and negated the voice of distraction, the louder the soul messages became until eventually they are the only ones I am connected to these days. I do follow spirit without hesitation, that means I do not question the inner messages anymore, even if my intellect is not sure about it. I no longer wait to see if it is safe or if others agree or to ask permission. Living in complete trust and faith that my soul knows the way to guide me to the highest possibility for my greatest good and the good of all has been what has given me the gift of inner peace. Calling in my guidance each day, I know I am never alone, I am always protected, and I am loved beyond anything I could have hoped for. And so it is! Namaste <3 <3