New Earth
Day 922 – The highest good for all.
I ask for the highest wisdom to be channelled through me, for me and for the good of all.
I am heart centred and soul focused with the intention of creating a world of peace, love and harmony where all live as consciously aware empowered beings in alignment with their divinely coded individuated frequency, experiencing and celebrating the best of themselves and the best life has to offer. If you are not experiencing the best of yourself, or life is not offering joy, do not look outside for a change to be created by another, know that all you see is the reflection of an energetic projection that comes from you. Yes, even the challenges are offered as opportunities for expansion and revelation if addressed with an innerstanding of the process of creation. Any time life offers me a situation that is seemingly not for my highest good at a given time, I ask what do you have to teach me, where is the gift in this situation? I know I will become more by bringing my state of consciousness to calm waters and am willing to be open for a change and inner guidance rather than outer force. The most powerful words for this process are intention, trust and love. Namaste <3 <3