New Earth
Day 869 – All challenge is for good.
Many are experiencing difficulties either physically, emotionally, in relationships or in lack of some sort more intensely than ever. These are the remnants of lower frequencies still buried deep inside our programmed psyche or in the generational lineage we chose for this very reason to heal, alchemize and disarm, enabling a release of the old and the freedom to evolve into a more advanced version of ourselves. Nothing will ever come to you that the highest version of you does not think is the next best thing for you to expand into a higher state of consciousness. I know that whatever challenge is in your face right now, is ready to be let go of, one more hurdle to overcome on this journey of transition to freedom of body, mind and spirit, out of this carbon-based form into a lighter crystalline expression of your true essence. All challenges are offered to alert one of the strengths within to become more of one’s authentic light being of God Consciousness. So, whatever you are facing right now, either difficult or easy, it is not because of something outside of you, but because of what is ready to alchemize or what has already been transformed into love. Facing all with determination and faith that this is one more step to becoming the best of you is the fastest way through and beyond any difficulties ahead. Like the last 2 kilometers of a marathon, the last contraction before birthing the baby, it is painful, but the reward is exhilarating. This is where we are right now at this time of transitioning into the New Earth of a higher dimension. Whatever is left to transform is coming forward asking to be set free from old, outmoded beliefs and/or behaviour, offering peace, love, health, prosperity and joy that awaits in the Golden Age. Do the inner work and do it now is what is a constant message. Namaste <3 <3