New Earth
Day 868- The stumbling block to self-love.
Over the many years offering support, guidance and education to those who’s soul calls to awaken and expand conscious awareness, I have found both in myself and everyone else that the most essential missing link is that of loving the self. It is the key to inner peace, to learning unconditional love and compassion and to establish a clear connection to soul and higher wisdom. What if I said that the greatest stumbling block to loving self unconditionally is the attachment to and self-identity with one’s personality? We judge and are judged by the behaviour of our personality. And we are also attached to the identity of that persona, believing that is who we are and all we are. But we learned from yesterday’s message that the personality is mostly formed as a result of outer experiences and influences as a coping mechanism or mask of protection. True personality in alignment with the coded frequency of our authentic self can only fully develop in a space of complete safety. It is shown by children in their early stage of development if they are in an environment of love, feeling free to express their emotions openly. But the world of the old paradigm is not a safe place, and very soon our natural expression becomes stilted, hidden or adjusts to the outer world of rules to fit in, to be accepted and approved of. The journey of spirituality is to retrieve our true nature, to find our way back to retrieving the inner persona in resonance with the soul coding that we came with, to give ourselves permission to accept all we are right here right now with unconditional love for having made it this far. To spend time in stillness, peeling off the layers of protection and robotic reactionary behaviour based on right/wrong polarity. Finding the true self is the hero’s journey, and you’ll know you’re getting close when inner peace and complete acceptance of all of self, warts and all is yours. Aligning the ego persona with the soul frequency of love, peace and joy for life is the ultimate gift of this journey into the unknown of the new human in a New Earth Reality. Namaste <3 <3