New Earth
Day 867 - What is personality?
For me the journey of awakening to my authentic self as a spiritual energy being consciously connected to and being an expression of and direct representative of Prime Creator has meant that my personality be in sync with that energetic frequency. How often do we state while justifying behavior that this is just who I am? But until the ego personality is purified from its conditioning, who you think you are, is often a result of coping with life experiences and even more often a well devised mask to hide true feelings. Our much guarded and defended personality can also be one of the most difficult to let go of or transform during this time of transition into a higher state of consciousness and can stand in the way of knowing thy true self. Hence the importance of the statement; ‘first know thyself.’ Personality is moulded by outer experiences and influences and much of our true selves begins to retract and hide to be able to fit in, not stand out, not make a fuss, be approved of or loved at an early age. To be willing to let go of this familiar manner way of behavior, of reacting and responding to the outside world, reconfiguring oneself to align with the true nature of the Chris consciousness that is within each, is the hero’s journey to expansion and becoming the new Human in a New Earth. It is a state of complete authenticity and vulnerability, an openness with all that is without fear and with pure love. As I let go of the outer persona, I discovered my true self and once I surrendered to my soul mission the last remnants of the false self, melted away. The relief of being able to walk naked without attempting to be something for someone else’s approval, or to fit into systems and rules that did not align with my energetic coding, has been the greatest gift I have given to myself. Merging my personality with my soul as one, has given me a blissful inner peace and clear connection with Source. Let go of the false persona and embrace the true self is today’s message. To be continued in tomorrow’s message. Namaste <3 <3