New Earth
Day 866 – A still mind.
We all receive constant guidance from our higher self, soul, Prime Creator, that which is running the show in the unseen etheric realm from which we came and where we will return. It is whether we can tune into the right frequency to hear, whether we are ready to listen, to trust and act on this guidance with faith that will either speed up or slow down the journey to a higher state of conscious awareness. The reason meditation is encouraged to be able to connect to this higher sphere of wisdom and truth is to still the programmed chatterbox, to silence the conditioned subconscious mind, to be able to hear the higher mind of Source. My aim is to be connected at that level of frequency all the time, to be a true instrument for my soul to fulfill its mission in this incarnation. That does not mean I have to sit in meditation all the time, it means that I need to create stillness in my mind giving me the ability to hear the subtle but powerful messages flowing to me and through me keeping me connected to that higher source at all times. To achieve that I have had to let go of opinions, of fear, of judgment of need for approval and all the other beliefs and dysfunctional imprinting that disallowed my mind to be at peace. Once more I am shown to be still within, to accept what is, to shine love wherever I can and to be a conduit of light and higher wisdom for my good and the good of all. Namaste <3 <3