New Earth
Day 865 – What is Ascension?
Due to the way we have been programmed we look toward the outside to offer us an improved way of living. For signs of improvement, of permission to live how we wish to live. What I am being urged to have a knowing of is that the journey of ascension is not to create a better outside, but to create an inner state of consciousness that sees an uplifted outside right here, right now. Every experience we have is being played out inside our mind, our hearts and our bodies. All we are waiting for to be revealed, changed and improved will happen when enough of us ascend within. Yesterday I spent a glorious few hours in absolute joy with my best friend whose mind has let go of almost all memory. She is a perfect example of how powerful we can be in the present moment which is all she has and all any of us have and often waste by worrying about moments that are not here. We were dancing to a jazz band and her energy of pure delight touched everyone in the room. Her pure soul of love and joy shone like a beacon sprinkling fairy dust all around. To some she might look like someone who has ‘dementia’, but to me she exemplified the purity of an ascended being. Living in the moment, a being of joy, love and laughter, untouched by fear, regrets, guilt about the past, or concerns about tomorrow. Her essence of love pulls only love into her world and I have never seen her happier or seen her create more happiness and joy around her. The message is, don’t wait for ascension to come to you, be and ascended being and it will be yours. The meek will indeed inherit the New Earth when we let go of all the unnecessary trivia that our minds are occupied with and come home to being pure beings of love and light energy. That is ascension. Namaste <3 <3