New Earth
Day 864 - Clear the line.
Just as my laptop has electricity being channelle into it to make it possible for me to write these words. So too we channel the electro-magnetic frequencies direct from the Quantum Field of Creation to produce the level of what we can experience. If the connection of my laptop to the source of power is compromised, I will not be able to use it properly. This is the same for every one of us to be able to have a clear connection to our Source of power. The ‘work’ that we are constantly encouraged to do is exactly that. Clear any and all disruptions, distractions, false beliefs, old traumas and habitual programming from our mental, emotional and even spiritual field. To be able to do that takes willingness, courage, perseverance and mostly self-honest exploration without self-judgment. What we are working towards is a clear line to soul and Prime Creator where the highest version of our authentic self resides, waiting to be anchored into a life expression of pure love and peace. Our everyday life experience shows us in every moment how clear or how compromised the line is and how much work still is required to be the true expression of the God Source of all creation that we are. The challenge that is being offered is whether we can make this our first and only priority, to surrender to whatever still needs to be addressed, alchemized and integrated to become all we can be with the highest possible level of frequency channeled, radiated and earthed for self and for all. Each day I ask soul, how much more of me is there, what needs to be cleared, adjusted, how can I serve this time of ascension? It is through this willingness and trust in that clarity of guidance that shows me the way to fulfill my purpose for this incarnation. Again, I am offered these three questions, and by complete self-honesty and the letting go of my attachment to my ego persona I know the answer and live by them. Ask yourself, who am I, why am I here, where are we going? We are all here to anchor the vibrational frequency of the Golden Age of a New Earth we all desire and are looking toward. What we must be aware of, is that we are the channel this Garden of Eden will be delivered through. The clearer the line the sooner it will be. Namaste<3 <3