New Earth
Day 863 – Outer Events.
Every day is another opportunity to live the New Earth way intentionally and steadfastly. With unconditional love, compassion and gratitude being the foundational mindset igniting and fueling higher frequencies in support of creating and experiencing the world we are all being called to step into. Outer events reflect how well we are doing in this historical time of evolution and ascension, they are signs of how well the collective is progressing, cheering us on to stay the course, to keep our focused intent on the vision of a better world for all, free to live life as it is meant to be. A world where all our creative self-expression is utilized in service for the greater good giving each purpose with joy in gratitude for the gift of life on a peaceful planet in cooperation and collaboration with our human brothers and sisters. Right now, and in the coming weeks, months and years there are daily signs to show how well we are doing as a whole, use it as a measuring stick to rejoice or to intensify your efforts. When there is a collapse of an old system, an old way that is defunct, see it as a sign all is on track, if there is a situation of limitation or constriction, it is a sign that we need to do a bit more work, dig in and shine more light, more love, have more faith in the vision of the New Earth of peace, love and harmony. Some of us have been volunteers for this journey for many incarnations for many thousands of years and are getting weary at times. But never before have we been this close as conscious beings to not just being the creators of a new reality but to be the observers of the process out of constriction into freedom. The signs are great from my window, how are yours? Sending love around the world. Namaste <3 <3