New Earth
Day 862 – We are becoming.
No matter what was thrown at me during the last 35 years and even more so the last 3 years, my faith and my focused intent in the bigger picture of Ascension into the Golden Age has never wavered. I have a strong inner knowing that everything that is occurring no matter what it looks like is playing a role to move both our planet and the collective forward to its destiny of a New Earth of peace, love and harmony. I know this to be true because I live in that world. By choosing to only project an energy of alignment to how I see this world without conflict and struggle, I must be vigilant to first create that level of energetic frequency within me, within my family, with friends and communities. There is a phrase that runs through my veins saying, ‘to have it, you must first become it.’ When we made the brave decision to incarnate at this time, to have this experience, we each were given special strengths and gifts to support us through this process of metamorphosis of the human species, mother Earth and all life as we have known it. That is why so many have had to change their work situations, digging deep within to find a way to provide a service in exchange for needs to be met. Many are finding amazing talents and gifts that have been lying dormant waiting to be discovered and set free to enhance and enrich the expression of self and of others. This is a time to allow the caterpillar of limitation to grow into the fullness of your beauty and allow wings of love and faith to show you that you can fly. As nature continues to show us that for this metamorphic process to be successful, the old must be completely dissolved and disintegrated to be the fuel for the new to emerge. Let the old die a peaceful death, just be willing to use whatever gift is within to create the new and the beautiful. Namaste <3 <3