New Earth
Day 861 – The new human.
We have been spending a great deal of time on focusing our attention and intention on the creation of a New Earth reality. However, I am being shown that we must be aware that we are in the process of becoming the New Human with many new abilities as our dormant strands of DNA are being activated through the increased light frequencies from our Galactic Central Sun. Selfcare is more important than ever. Just as babies must sleep a great deal for their bodies to grow and establish the human journey, so too do we have to now rest more to allow the acclimatization of the new human to establish itself in our physical body. Many are feeling different parts of the body going through strange symptoms, requiring attention, integration and healing. We are literally being upgraded and must pay heed to our physical needs with patience as our cells are being reconfigured and restructured for their roles as we move from carbon-based form to a more crystalline energetic expression. This is the process of evolution we are experiencing and need to be adjusting to. The guidance I am given to allow for this cellular expansion is for more rest, more time in natural surroundings of forests or seaside, time with people and in situations that are love based to open and expand the heart, creating joy whenever and wherever possible. Make a conscious effort for love, joy and gratitude to be a daily intentional experience, this being the best medicine for this time of transition. Rise above the drama and chaos of the old paradigm as it too is being upgraded into a new expression of reality in alignment with the inner work, we are all engaged in. There is a new you being born right here right now, nurture it, support it and rejoice in it. Do whatever it takes to find comfort, ease and inner peace in body mind and soul. This is an amazing time to be alive. Namaste <3 <3