New Earth
Day 823 – Creating Solutions
From a very early age I was drawn to solving puzzles. I loved playing solitaire, doing crosswords, solving maths problems. These days soduko and jigsaws are my go-to for relaxation. Every problem giving me another opportunity to look for a solution. This is why my every moment is focused on possibilities and opportunities to take what is not working for the good of all, and finding solutions to upgrade, improve and expand into new ways of doing and being. I know from many years of observation and experience that within every problem lies the solution, within every question lies the answer. Why we get stuck is that most continue to focus on a problem wishing it wasn’t there, resenting it or becoming a powerless victim to it, when I see it as a gift to grow and expand into something more, something better. These last few years have offered all of humanity the opportunity to see that the way we have been living this life is not sustainable and definitely not life enhancing. Now we are in the process of creating better ways, enriching ways and an avalanche of solutions is about to be revealed taking us into the New Earth of Oneness with nature, in alignment with Prime Creator’s intent of expanded awareness. Be focused on the solutions and they will be revealed, the more we support the innovators and initiatives for a better world for all life on this planet, the sooner we will stop the suffering and struggle that has caused so much pain and trauma. I only see the better ways, leaving the old ways without my energetic input, ultimately starving it into extinction. For me there is only one solution and that is to focus on Love as the Way for all to reach the Golden Age of this cyclical galactic transformation. I am the light, I am the love, I am that. Namaste <3 <3