New Earth
Day 822 – Open your heart.
One way humanity has been kept from experiencing and expressing in their true fullness of Christ Consciousness is through the implementation of fear. The most insidious and effective of these is the fear of being hurt emotionally. This has created the build up of a shield of protection around the heart, limiting the ability to either give or receive love to its full capacity. This inability to live with an open heart continues to cause more pain than avoiding the very pain it is supposed to be protecting us from. The challenge we face today is to remove this shield and open our heart chakra to give love unconditionally and in return be willing to receive and accept love unconditionally. The amount of love in your life or the lack thereof is a direct reflection of how open your heart is to give and receive it, how much is still limited by the fear of being hurt. What I know to be true for me is that when I let go of the fear of being hurt and began to allow my heart to pour out the love that comes straight from Prime Creator for its creations, my experience of life was uplifted and love at all levels flooded in. I know how much courage it takes to walk upon this Earth with an open heart, but I also know how much it gives in return when I do. To truly experience the New Earth of a higher frequency and expanded consciousness the heart must become fully open and as always that begins with the amount of unconditional love we have for ourselves 😊. Namaste <3 <3