New Earth
Day 821 – Opening the third eye.
As we transform into a higher frequency expression of Source, we bring into view a greater ability to access the next level of information needed to continue the natural transmutational process of this cosmic movement of ascension and evolution we are all part of. The more we focus on opening our third eye, activating the pineal gland, the more expansive our vision becomes, and this allows us to let go our attachment to fixing the old, and instead putting all our energy on creating and revealing a completely new world, offering the collective an alternative to aim for, to ignite their own infinite creative and innovative genome, restoring humanity to its full power with all twelve strands of DNA fully operational. For me, early on my journey I was blessed to be led to and had the honour and pleasure to be put into personal contact with amazing people such as Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Dolores Cannon, and many more light bearers who introduced me to the greater version of my authentic truth. They revealed information that connected me to an infinite realm of consciousness that resonated and continues to resonate with a part of me that can access my own truth. Recently I have been led to a book and its author, ‘Our Cosmic Origin’, by Ismael Perez and am listening to many of his interviews, each time getting that lovely feeling of inner knowing that at some level I already know this, and that this information opens me up to who I already am once the old programmed limitations are peeled off. As with all information, it goes through a filter of either smooth resonance or there is a disconnect. What I know to be true for me and have always known to be true is that we are part of a much bigger picture and that we are not alone in this transition to the next phase of this cycle toward a better time for all life not just on Gaia, but in the multiverse of creation. Right now, our third eye is opening up as the pineal gland is stirred into life, our dormant strands of DNA are coming back online, and our carbon based bodies are becoming lighter. This I believe to be true and am guided to keep my focus on. There are better days ahead, keep looking forward with intention and love and keep creating New Earth Communities for people to find and join. They are my instructions to fulfill my mission at this time of transition. Namaste <3 <3