New Earth
Day 820 – Bigger picture view.
On one hand there is an awareness of intense suffering of many of our human brothers and sisters around the globe, and yet at a deeper sense there is a knowing that in the big picture it all has a function with purpose for an ultimate expansion of this human experience for all. All challenges are opportunities for advancement through solution-based focus, making things better, not just for the few elites as in the past, but for the whole. These are difficult times, but through it all I am consciously aware and constantly reassured that all is on track and progressing toward the Eutopia of a New Earth where conflict, lack, struggle to make ends meet and suffering of poor health and wellbeing will be no longer. As the Earth continues her trajectory to increased frequencies of light energies, all of life on her is being upgraded and with that the old limitations and opposing factions we have been ruled by are crumbling. Every day I receive reassurance to use compassion and love for myself and for all on this journey of transformation and to be patient and keep the faith that my reason for this incarnation is being fulfilled. It is important to not be stuck on what is occurring for the human species, but to keep an awareness that this is a galactic movement effecting not just homo sapiens, but our whole planet and all planets in our universe and the greater multiverse. We are a part of something much bigger, beyond most people’s ability to grasp and it will take, love, nurturing, compassion, faith and kindness to travel this path of Ascension. What will support the journey is knowing that we are never alone and that we are part of a much bigger destiny of a scale beyond comprehension with infinite unseen powers and energy beings, angels and guides showing the way. Yes, there is a much bigger picture and yes, no matter what it may look like at times, we are emerging out of the dark into a beautiful light filled existence one heart opening at a time. Hold steady with faith. Namaste <3 <3