New Earth
Day 819 – Soul Calling.
Every incarnated soul on this plane at this time has chosen to be here to play the role that they are engaged in. Each one of us must find our way to surrendering to this truth and tuning into our individual soul calling with commitment and dedication to make a difference and move closer to creating a New Earth of wellbeing for all. It is essential to accept everyone else’s calling with respect rather than judgment and if all are working toward the same end goal of ascending with the Earth into the Golden Age where life will be once more symbiotic with the flow of nature, abundant and prolific at every level of being, all is well. If those who seem to be the cause of suffering are stirring you to aim for better, they too are playing a beneficial role. For me it has always been and continues to be my single-minded calling to create light, love and appreciation wherever I go. To see the contrast without energetic engagement, without an opinion or judgement but with even greater resolve to find more within myself, to be more, to do more for the light, to say thank you for showing me what not to be and to focus on being that soldier for the light that I incarnated to be. What is showing up for me is to see the benefit in another’s role and do whatever I can to align my energy with theirs through respect and finding common ground and as long as the destination is to create a better more kind, caring and peaceful world, I acknowledge that it is a time of transition and many different talents are needed to lift us all out of thousands of years of programmed enslavement and suffering into the New Earth of love and Oneness. Do not waste energy on blaming or shaming, use that energy to be the best of yourself so that you can be the best for others. Namaste <3 <3