New Earth
Day 818 – More light.
On this first day of the eighth month of 2022, I have awoken to feeling lighter in frequency. For no apparent physical reason, my body, mind and soul feel more vibrant, more open, and more joyful. I am told that we’ve had another shift in frequency and are progressing as intended to our destiny of a New Earth experience and expression. My cells are dancing, and I can’t stop smiling, which sounds weird as I am as always sitting up in bed with my laptop doing my daily post. It is the way the whole of me is responding to the energetic vibration of life in me and around me. I don’t need to intellectualize it, as my heart is telling me that the collective has shifted up in its conscious awareness. Each day more people are seeing through the veil of forgetfulness and the veil of programmed illusion and with each awakening, the whole is uplifted. I am told to know that no matter what will be presented to us by the few who are still hanging on to the falsehood created through fear and greed in the attempt to keep us in the old matrix of enslavement, the worst is behind us. Keep focusing on the light and the changes for higher expressions of creation and celebrate joy in every moment. Use love as your map and the road ahead will be cleared. Namaste <3 <3