New Earth
Day 817 – Leap of faith.
Yesterday I was presented with an opportunity to witness the power of fear, how it is not real, how it is an emotional experience caused by mind stories and how that eliminates any logical thought, ultimately causing complete paralysis, stress and heightened anxiety. It made me look within myself and remembering when I too had allowed fear to rule over me, unable to live my life fully with stories of terror of what might happen to me, or what if I got hurt, either physically or emotionally stopping me from reaching out for love or pleasure. I am filled with deep compassion for anyone who is limited from living fully due to these restrictions caused by a mind control that has no real substance or truth. All this is a 3D experience completely attached to the survival ego personality and keeps us separated from our inner truth and guidance of the soul. I began to change my fear thinking many years ago after reading a great book, ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. Now I disallow fear to have power over me and have transformed it into faith and trust. What I have learned since surrendering to my purpose for incarnating and allowing soul to be my master, that I will not be taken into areas of danger if I am listening and following that guidance. I am always safe. So before doing anything these days, I ask soul to give me a thumbs up or down and I have learned to trust that implicitly. In these days of transition, we are being called to face our fears and transform them into faith, not through denial or avoidance, but through integration into love and a conscious connection to, and trust in the guidance of our heart and soul. Namaste <3 <3