New Earth
Day 816 – Relationships.
To live in harmony and peace begins with the way we relate first with ourselves, and then with how we relate with our human family. In order to move to a New Earth into New Earth Communities isn’t something to wait for, something that will come to you when the outside world changes, it is right here right now asking us all to upgrade our way of relating. It is about the connection we choose to make with the people we come in contact with on a regular basis. Because I am blessed at present with a long overdue visit from my overseas family, I am spending more time out and about, mostly in nature reserves and animal parks with my grandchildren. I am constantly finding connections with the people who are providing services that makes them go the extra mile for us and we always get more information and more personal service wherever we go because we all make an effort to show appreciation and interest at a personal level. We connect with the person, not just the service. It is the heart to heart relating that is returned to us in beautiful ways. It is less about noticing the difference between us and more about exploring a common bond. To move to a higher state of consciousness, we are all being asked, how are you relating to yourself, and how are you relating with your human brothers and sisters? I find that treating others as I would like to be treated, with acceptance, interest, patience, tolerance and genuine appreciation, I always receive a human connection of kindness and love that enriches us all. It is in the knowing that every other human being is a magnificent, individuated expression of Prime Creator just like us that allows us to let go of the old judgmental ways of relating with ourselves and each other and transform into relationships of acceptance and loving harmony. Namaste <3 <3