New Earth
Day 815 – Pure joy.
Yesterday was a day where I felt myself in a state of pure joy several times and it has made me sit back and examine two things. Firstly, what in me triggers this heightened response? Secondly, what is that feeling of pure joy and what is its effect on my body, mind and soul? What triggered the experience yesterday was the deep conversation I had on Livestream with two magnificent Divine Masculine beings exploring the soul journey bringing ego personality and soul purpose together as one driving life purpose. The feeling of pure joy that this ignited within my every cell was due to sharing and voicing truths that were inspired and guided from a place of love for life itself propelling me into an expanded space of freedom and connection to the authentic highest version of me. I felt uplifted, open and enriched by the experience. It occurred twice more during the day and each time because I was in the full expression of my authentic self. I am very blessed because I spend most of my time in this state, but I wanted to write about it today because it is something would do well to strive for as an intentional aim to live by. We so often ask people to enjoy themselves, but that word actually means being in a state of joy, not just to have some fun in the physical sense, but to feel the vibrancy of life bubble up from deep within making every cell celebrate with an effervescent tingle alerting all senses to an awareness that life is flowing through us igniting a state of expansion. That is true pure joy. For me this occurs when I am in deep connection with nature, with another human being, with my team of guidance and always when I am in deep state of appreciation of the now moment. To be in pure joy requires an openness of heart, of mind and of soul to receive life and to absorb it into every cell of your being consciously in celebration of the experience. Today and every day I wish you pure joy. Namaste <3 <3