New Earth
Day 779 – Put an end to blaming and shaming
This is a follow up from yesterday’s post. To bring out of the shadows into the light of day what has caused the most damage to our self-esteem and the relationship with the most precious, ourselves. Self judgement is usually done through blaming and shaming, which is as far away from self-love as you can get, keeping the level of energy vibration in our physical expression of self at a very low level. Over and above all innerstanding is this truth; everything is energy, you and I are energy in human form and how that energy vibrates is dependent on the predominant thoughts that occupy our mind, which then translates into how we feel and how we act. Once more I bring your attention to my current live discussions of the book ‘As a Man Thinketh’, which shows clearly the connection between thought and experience. In the scaler spiral of frequency, the energy of blame and shame are right at the bottom generating close to zero frequency, and from that level of vibration there is no possibility of expansion, only constriction. Therefore I am being guided to bring it out of the shadows of the mind and encourage all to once and for all eliminate this destructive thinking from any state of conscious awareness, bringing your attention back to the truth of how precious you are and to begin each day in gratitude not for what you have, but the simple realization that you are a wondrous magnificent expression of Source energy. To be able to move to a higher state of being this is one of the essential requirements, to put an end to blaming and shaming of self or another. Only love will open the gates to a New Earth of Oneness in peace and harmony for all. Namaste <3 <3