New Earth
Day 778 – Is it true?
As we are being recalibrated to become a lighter version of our authentic self with higher conscious awareness, what seems to be in the way and is surfacing to be released for many is the programmed belief of not being good enough. It is the constant comparison to a false image held up by an imaginary authority that sits in judgement, never satisfied, no matter what you do or how hard you work that keeps you in this limited state. That inner critic was intentionally impregnated in varying degrees into your mind by those who wish to control all, throughout your life. But is it a true assessment of who you truly are? Are you a faulty spark of creation in human form, a mistake made by Prime Creator the Source of al that is? NO of course not! All of creation is perfect exactly as intended. We are all being faced at this crucial time of this transition into a New Earth of higher dimensions with anything that is keeping us limited, keeping us from our true creative self-expression with joyous intent of service to all mankind to speed up this journey of ascension. If there is still any part of your ego self that is not in alignment with the knowingness that you are a glorious unique being of creation, now is the time to firstly see it as a lie and secondly to embrace it with pure unconditional love, integrating and healing it once and for all. What is true is that every person is a representative of life in human form, an individuated spark of Source, a magnificent creation, perfect in every way. Time to come home to loving yourself just as you are and utilizing all you have, to be the very best version of that. Namaste <3 <3