New Earth
Day 777 – Another breakthrough solstice
As there are no accidents, I was alerted to the three sevens, the number of days I have been writing these daily posts exactly on this day of the 2022 winter solstice in Australia and summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. There are many portals on the planet that are doorways to other dimensions, and I am told that they will be open for those who choose to travel through them during this auspicious moment in time. I am being called to meditate on a specific doorway I came across in 1996 in Peru and use it as my gateway to higher conscious wisdom to support and guide me through the upcoming months and years. It is a time to go within and find the core of blissful peace that resides at the center of our being, the seed of Christ Consciousness, a deep sense of wellbeing awaits us there. It is preparation for what is ahead as we travel beyond zero point and pass the point of no return, truly beginning to emerge out of the old cocoon of 3D limitations and evolve into our lighter expression of 4D and 5D frequency. Here we will find a deep inner peace that will radiate like a tsunami, rippling waves of peace around the globe and the Galaxy. Wishing all a smooth passage through the gateways of ascension. Namaste <3 <3