New Earth
Day 776 – The Value of Life.
Time and time again I am being brought to the awareness of the value of life in me and in all that is. So often it is not until this precious gift of life is threatened either by disease or by circumstance, that this truly comes home to our consciousness, and we begin to pray for, beg for it to be spared. If we were programmed to value life as the most important aspect of ourselves and others, to keep it strong, healthy and vibrant in ourselves and support that in all life, there would be so much love, joy and celebration to be had, just for being alive. We would make it a priority to take care of it, protect it, nurture it and treasure it. There would be no reason to fear losing it as we would know that life is the energy of creation and cannot be extinguished, only transformed into another vibration, another expression of itself. We would revere life in all its forms and be less preoccupied with the doing part of our short time in this human form and more focused on the miracle of life in us as us. Each day I am reminder of the preciousness of life all around me and in me. As I am writing this I am seeing the sun rise as the birds awaken and herald in their joy of life in them, the bougainvillea at my window shares its bright red flowers. Everywhere I look at every window, the awakening to another day is offering the beauty of different lifeforms in their expression of life. I feel blessed and so grateful to be a small part of this orchestra of life playing its symphony at the dawning of yet another day to be lived, to give life the freedom to be in me, through me, for me, as me and as everything around me. Namaste <3 <3