New Earth
Day 775 – Returning to nature
Many are feeling drawn to spend more time in communion with flora and fauna, creating vegetable plots, restoring forests and healing the soil of the Earth. What is constantly being brought to my awareness is that over and above all the good we are doing by this reconnection to that part of nature, the most vital of all at this stage of the transition period to the next phase of consciousness on this planet is to return to our own nature, our human nature. To purify our body, mind and spirit in readiness for the awakening of dormant seeds of DNA, to move forward to the uplifted expression of our God self. To be able to accomplish this, one needs to do for oneself similar things that are being done to nature outside of oneself. We literally must get to the heart of the situation, meaning that we must relinquish the false belief that the brain and mind is the keeper of truth, and re-establish the sensitivity that comes from the heart and soul, the only true guide to a higher state of consciousness. The most powerful shift to make is to move from an analytical being, to a super sensitive being, to trust feeling over logic. It is no accident that the heart is known as the centre of love because the key to living in a New Earth in the higher dimensions and heightened states of conscious knowing, is through the power of Love, the foundational energy of all creation. Yes, we must return to our own natural state of being as the pure expression of Prime Creator. I am ready and willing and consciously focused on that intent, making each day a glorious revelation of what is resonating with my heart and soul. This is the New Earth, and it is wonderful. I live in gratitude for all that continues to be revealed to me. Namaste <3 <3