New Earth
Day 774 – When I think good.
In Part 2 of ‘As a Man Thinketh’ by James Allen he discusses the effect of our thoughts on our circumstances. It can be challenging to acknowledge that whatever circumstance one finds oneself in is a result of previous and perpetuating thinking. Easy to own a great experience as something I influenced with my thoughts, but not as easy to accept it when the outcome is less than enjoyable. Nevertheless, this is the truth of the matter. When we get swept up by allowing our thoughts to be hijacked by other people’s input such as the mainstream propaganda machine, we relinquish any response ability for or participation in outcomes and live in victim mentality. How much of your thinking is original thought, selected consciously by you for the purpose of what you choose to experience? For us to rise above the frequency of the old matrix of control, we must think ourselves into a new world of love, of compassion, of kindness, of peace and mostly of a knowingness that we have the power to be the new breed of humans that live in a New Earth reality of harmony and wellbeing for all. I am thinking myself into health, I am thinking myself into wealth, I am thinking myself into joyous loving relationships. When I think good, I automatically feel good, this causes me to do good and to know that I am good. Namaste <3 <3