New Earth
Day 772 – Love is not just an emotion.
As I heard these words this morning a deep sense of truth rose from within. ‘Love is not just an emotion; it is our very being.’ For me this truth has always been the very fabric of creation. There is nothing without love. When we begin to peel off the layers of programmed conditioning of not being good enough, not beautiful enough, not clever enough, never feeling enough, always pushing ourselves to get approval or acceptance, and finally get to the core of who we are, there is only pure unconditional love. Once we reach this fundamental truth of our authentic being, there can be no conflict, no striving to be better than another, only to be the best of self. It is the lie that to be different is bad that causes most to be constantly in search of being like another, which is the very opposite of the search to be the best of who we already are, and this causes the greatest pain. We are created uniquely different by Prime Creator for a purpose and the more we come home to that magnificent spark of creation, the more aligned with Source we will be. The environment being created in New Earth Communities is to encourage this truth and support all to find the beauty within rather than constantly looking for validation from without. Be the love you are and find everything you are looking for. Namaste <3 <3