New Earth
Day 771 – Building energetic pathways.
One sure sign that we are evolving into a higher state of human expression, is the refinement of what was once called extra sensory perception (ESP) and only happened occasionally, is now becoming a daily occurrence and being noticed by almost everyone. We are developing energetic pathways between minds, places and situations. Just as the raising of our individual state of consciousness involves the reigniting and developing of new neural pathways in the brain, the activation of strands of DNA that have been dormant, so are we building new energetic pathways in the quantum field returning to our original state of being one with all that is, Prime Creator. What this means in our every day life is that any time lapse between the cause and the effect is becoming smaller and that the thought and the response to the thought are at some instances almost instantaneous. What I am being given with emphasis this morning is the response ability for impact. With every breath we take, every thought we have, every word we speak, every deed we enact we impact not just our own life but the lives of many throughout the universe and beyond. Hence the importance of making the vibration of love the foundation for all we radiate to propel us into the Golden Age of the promised land of peace, harmony and wellbeing for all, not as a reward, but as an effect. It is the building of these pathways consciously that we are being alerted to. This is the task of the Way Showers, and we are doing it well. Thank you! Namaste <3 <3