New Earth
Day 770 – Universal Law.
The thousands of years of programmed conditioning has caused humanity to forget that they are an intrinsic part of life and ultimately are affected by the laws this universe is run by. Not man-made laws, but laws of cause and effect, what goes around, comes around, what you send out must return, as above so below. This truth is becoming once more a conscious awareness as energy frequencies increase. It is becoming obvious even to the most asleep beings who are still attached and addicted to the material, commercial world as their reality, that there is a phenomenon of seeming miraculous occurrences and heightened telepathy tugging at their memory and causing them to begin to pay more attention in the present. Once I was alerted to this inner knowing many years ago, my life is a continuous wonder of revelations in obvious response to my state of mind and heart. To have the best in life, I learned I needed to be the best of me, first for myself and then for all who I connected with. By doing right I always receive right. That is not right by someone else’s standards, but right by my soul and my creator. Each day we are being asked to walk away from any laws of man that are not based on love and the expansion of life and align with the laws of nature and the Source of all creation. We are coming home to our true authentic self. Namaste <3 <3