New Earth
Day 739 – Call in your helpers.
One thing I learned very early on my journey of awakening to a higher state of consciousness that offered a more empowered life experience, was that I was not alone. Due to disillusion with several religious explorations previously, I had let go of the image of a singular male entity sitting in judgement over humanity with unrealistic demands to be able to live any quality of life as a reward of being good. As my attention was taken to a dimensional shift into spheres of infinity, I was introduced to an awareness of energetic beings that had signed up to travel this journey with me albeit in a different realm not visible to the limited human eye. However, I was soon told that I needed to call them in and connect, for them to be able to engage with me and offer their services. It is like you cannot speak to your friend who lives overseas unless you have their correct phone number and make the call. These days I travel consciously with an entourage of higher beings all the time as I didn’t just make the call, I have never hung up the phone, I always keep the connection open. What I am being encouraged to share this morning is for people to find their way to connect with their unseen helpers and make that conscious connection with faith and trust to support them through these days of transition. There are more rough patches ahead as the big reveal of truth is imminent and we will need that deep inner faith of having guidance and protection from beyond the physical. Your guardian angel is waiting for your call and will bring all the other beings assigned to you along, but you must make the call. Stillness, meditation, walks in nature and surrounding yourself with like hearted souls are essential during this time. Just remember. You are not alone, just make the call. Namaste <3 <3