New Earth
Day 738 – Doing the inner work. This is one of my greatest passions as I have learned both the easy and hard ways that it affects my quality of life. Therefore, I was delighted to explore this subject yesterday with Souvereign from Brave New Life Why is it so important to me and why does it continue to be my way to stay healthy, in body, mind and soul? Because I have recognized very early that I either choose to see life as something that was happening to me or I see life as a gift that when I learn how, will provide everything I need and desire when I need and desire it. I learned that I came equipped with everything I needed to live a beautiful life, not out there but right here within me. My curiosity to find a way to discover and utilize what is built into the very fabric of my being to traverse this time on this planet is what still drives me to this day. I know that as a species we are multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-dimensional expressions of creation. Unfortunately, due to a global control system called education we are herded into only exploring what is of use to a few to become a commodity rather than an energetic force of creation that lives at our core. Right now, we are at a moment in time where we either accept the respondability, the ability to respond consciously and make choices to delve deep and not just find, but with focused intention make it a number one priority to step fully into setting free that inner creativity waiting to become. Yes, it takes dedication and focused intent to disregard the constant outer distractions and temptations, but if we are ever to evolve to a higher state of consciousness that will bring us into a New Earth experience of peace, joy and abundance of all of humanity in the Golden Age, we must do the inner work. We must peel off the layers of conditioning, purify our body and our mind, become the powerful conscious creators that we are when we step fully into our authentic expression of the quantum field of creation. Namaste <3 <3