New Earth
Day 737 – Accept what you can’t change.
How much time, how many thoughts, how much emotion and how much energy is spent on situations and circumstances beyond our influence or control? Yes, if we are all completely self-honest, a great deal and far too much. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned on this journey to a higher innerstanding of self and a greater view through higher conscious awareness is that the only real power for change lives within me. When I feel out of balance either physically, mentally or emotionally and my outer experience is reflecting that, I know it is time to address the cause by taking time to pay attention to me. I cannot change the outside world, but I have complete jurisdiction over my own world, my thoughts, my behaviour and my self-care. I accept that this planet is going through its own journey of ascension and that we are being bombarded by energetic fluctuations causing disruption and sometimes chaos in our cell structure, our mental and emotional states. I accept that there is a global and spiritual war going on to eliminate dark forces that are an infringement on the nature of life itself. I cannot change any of that, but I can make sure that I maintain my own inner and outer health. Accept what you can’t change and change what you can, are wise words of advice right now. We are in for a bit more of a rocky road, and wherever you are on this planet, your situation is showing you how much out of balance the 3rd dimensional world still is, giving you a direct insight into how much self-work is needing to be done to rise above those energies. There is still far too much suffering on this beautiful planet perpetrated by beings without conscience or compassion, but they offer us the opportunity to see that we need to be the opposite of that to reclaim what is our birthright of love, kindness, consideration, protection, sharing and caring, that is who we truly are at our core of creation. What I have power over is how I live my life, how I present every day, how I radiate love and light, how I spread encouragement, support and guidance to whoever is ready to step up into a world of peace and enlightenment. I accept what I can’t change, but I sure as heck do whatever I can to change what I can for the better, therein lies my power. Namaste <3 <3