New Earth
Day 736 – Heaven is in the now. As you are reading this, I encourage you to stop and take a deep breath, bring all your attention to this now moment, observe your surroundings, yourself and breathe in life. For me this now consists of a warm home, peace and stillness of an early morning, another day beginning to reveal itself. A loving cuddle with my beautiful boy Beau (cat), birds beginning to wake up with their morning calls. In this moment there is no what’s next, there is no good or bad being done by another, there is no other even, just me and life pulsating through me. It makes me acutely aware of how much time I spend looking ahead, preparing for what’s next, either too busy and preoccupied with the running of life to stop and pay full attention to this moment of life. People are constantly seduced into being entangled with what is occurring with others often people we don’t know or will never know, being asked to have opinions without real facts, taking our attention away from the only place that is real, the present right here right now. My heaven isn’t when things get better, or when there is a change in government or a change in anything, my heaven or hell resides right here, right now and I choose it to be heaven. I am filled with gratitude that I am here doing and being everything I choose to be, peaceful, loving, feeling loved and blessed, fully conscious of life in me and through me. This is the gift of life freely offering itself to me and how I spend my every next moment is my free will choice and will be my experience. If every human being on this planet would stop whatever they are doing and bring their full attention to their now moment, connect with their heart and the breath of life that is their gift, heaven would be theirs instantly right there waiting within, not somewhere out there for someone else to give to them. My heaven is within me, I wish for you to find yours, it is in your heart and soul calling you home. And it is from that energetic frequency that the New Earth that is heaven for all can be manifested. Namaste <3 <3