New Earth
Day 735 – Become a conduit for good.
All matter is what it is as a result of the vibrational frequency that it is a conductor for. With every breath we take we are bringing in a vibration from Source that is then radiated out into the world we are moving in, creating what we see and believe to be our reality. There are many facets to this transition into a higher state of awareness of a New Earth reality, and one of those that I am alerted to this morning is to breathe consciously. To dedicate every breath to love, peace and wellbeing for all, hence becoming a conscious conduit for that energy. All that is matter is a channel of frequency creating the diversities of our current material reality. If I wish to change my experience of my reality I can do that by consciously becoming a conduit for the energy required to have that experience. That is how powerful we are and how can be the ones that are the change for good. The many Communities that are birthing around the planet are radiating this energy of higher consciousness and this is what will and already is lifting humanity out of the grip of thousands of years of enslavement into empowerment and freedom of body, mind and soul. Today I dedicate every breath I take as a conduit for health, wellbeing, love, peace and prosperity for me and for all. Namaste <3 <3