New Earth
Day 734 – The call to feeling good.
There is something within every incarnated soul that is the key to enlightenment or at least to living a life fulfilled. It is a constant calling to look for what feels good or during a low vibrational experience, what feels better. Another way to express this could be, a call to the light. Unfortunately, this calling to looking for ways to feel better has often led us due to our ingrained conditioning and programming for the nearest and easiest bit of gratuity, be it through food, through buying stuff we don’t need or by taking a substance that will create a temporary hit of upliftment. This inner calling has been used and abused by the controllers to manipulate and distort our picture of reality and to cause to separate us from our true God created self. This time of Ascension is bringing humanity back to that calling, but this time the only gratuity is to be found with love for life, love of self and love for all. No outer temporary distraction will do. We are being called home to who we truly are and why we came right now, right here. There is no outer experience that will fill the heart and soul like the reconnection to the inner source of truth and Christ Consciousness that resides there. It is that inner calling that keeps me connected to the Source of all creation and fills my heart, my soul and my life with love and appreciation for being. When I live true to that calling, no matter what the outer circumstances, I am filled with a sense of wellbeing and peace. This is not an easy journey as the fear programming can pull you into survival mode which is usually in the opposite direction to what will give a continuum of joy and abundance, only creating struggle and suffering. Following your inner calling is a challenge, but the rewards are immeasurable and the only way to find that inner peace so desired. Namaste <3 <3